Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing NC II

For decades, DITE Automotive School has been offering training on four-wheeled vehicles. In 2011, we pioneered the course in motorcycle servicing to meet the demand of well trained and educated motorcycle mechanics in Davao City and other parts of Mindanao. The rising popularity of motorcycle as mode of transportation has been the inspiration. With the motorcycles’ improved safety, affordability and ease of use, ┬áit has win the hearts of many.

After series of training in various respectable motorcycle companies, rigorous planning and implementation, DITE Automotive School started training men and women in servicing motorcycle and small engines in national certificate two. As an outcome, more and more quality trained motorcycle and small engine mechanics can now be found in Davao City and the neighboring provinces.

Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing NC II course qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to install, service parts of motorcycle and small engine. Servicing includes checking, inspecting, cleaning and overhauling mechanical and electrical parts, components, assemblies and sub-assemblies of motorcycle and small engine. A person who has achieved this qualification is competent to be a 1. Motorcycle Mechanic and 2. Small Engine Mechanic. Included in the course is the 350 hours OJT at the affiliated motorcycle shops of DITE Automotive School.

DITE is the first private school in Davao City and Region XI to offer this course, also, the first Technical Vocational School to become an Assessment Center for Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing NC II.

And this SY 2018-2019, we are proud to announce that the Training Regulation for motorcycle servicing with Fuel Injection Engine is finally here. From now on, our MC mechanics will be competent to service F.I. MC engines- a timely move. Remarkable.