Learn to be a Mechanic, Driver, Welder & Auto Electrician – 4 Skills in 1 Course


         The Automotive Servicing NCII course is about Automotive Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics. It consists of competencies that a trainee must achieve. To inspect, clean and repair mechanical or electrical parts, components, assemblies and sub-assemblies of light and heavy-duty automotive vehicle with gas or diesel engine in accordance with manufacturer’s specification. It also covers engine tune-up for both diesel and gasoline, servicing of engine mechanical components such as cooling and lubricating system, performing power trains and under chassis servicing. Included also is the training in overhauling of both diesel and gasoline engine that only DITE offers.

            This course is designed to inculcate skill. Since skill is learned through repetition, seventy percent of the trainees’ entire time at school is spent in the laboratory. Yet never undermining the thirty percent spent in theory which is also of utmost importance.  In the classroom, the instruction is done with LCD projector and trainees are supplied with mechanisms being discussed along with other automotive references. Right after a topic is discussed, they are directed to the laboratory to further enhance what was learned. This method helps in retaining if not augment the subject/ topic discussed. Each trainee is also licensed with Electude, the world’s largest and leading virtual training provider in automotive.

              Also introduced are Driving and Basic Welding which interrelates with the subject. Driving plays a vital role since its one of a mechanics way of determining if he has done a successful job by being able to make the car that he fixed run. Who better to test what he fixed than him? Basic Welding allows the trainee to feel and experience the basic handling of Welding machines, importance of PPE and finishing a project. An additional hands-on seminar in Fiberglass Making and Repair will earn the trainee his/ her fifth skill.

               DITE technical vocational school is Department of Education accredited to offer senior high school. We were officially approved as of November 2015. To start with, we offer the Technical Vocational & Livelihood Track Automotive Servicing NCI and NCII where the students attain four (4) skills. These acquired skills bequeath great opportunity to land a job after finishing senior high. And this will pave way for them to be able to pay their college tuition should they wish to continue their education or be trained further to be proficient mechanics. Having honed the 4 skills learned, they can also opt to be entrepreneurs.

          Automotive Servicing NCIII that covers a higher knowledge is well in the way to be introduced as another course. We are looking forward to the attainment of this goal. Here at DITE, this is what keeps us enthusiastic, by keeping goals ahead and achieving it one by one as a team 😀